The Howling Bull Run 

Walford Pre-School Playgroup present:

Sunday 26th November 2017.
Start: 11am

Pre-entry fee: Affiliated runner: £8 Non-Affiliated: £10
On the day entry fee: Affiliated: £10

 Non-Affiliated: £12

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Howling Bull Race briefing notes – Please read!

I have a few things to bring to your attention:     

         Races start:   Canicross: 11pm      Runners: 11.15pm

Please be at start line 5 mins early for briefing. 


                                                                                 The course is mainly on footpaths, with some bridle ways and a couple of short tarmac sections.                                                                                      The footpaths are narrow, muddy and uneven in places. There will be slippery sections with roots                                                                                    and branches in places – many of these will be hidden by fallen leaves – so please look where you                                                                                  are running and be careful!       

                                                                                 It is advisable to wear trail running shoes or trainers with good grips.    

                                                                                 You can leave your bags in the Village Hall at your own risk.    

                                                                                 The route is mainly on public footpaths, so please be respectful of other users on the route.

The route has many twists and turns and junctions, so keep an eye out for the green arrow signs, and the red and white barrier tape. There will be marshals on the course, but not at all the junctions! If you go more than 100metres without seeing any signs or tape, you have gone the wrong way!

Kilometre distance signs will be up around the course. The course is about 10K / 6 miles.

Overtaking may be difficult on some of the narrow paths, so please try and be courteous to your fellow runners, and let them by. Some of the faster runners may catch up the back end of the Canicross race. This might be towards the end on the faster descents, so:

Canicrossers: Please be aware and let them by.

Runners: Give the canis a shout if approaching fast, and be aware that the dogs might bite your legs off

The race will start with a half lap of the bottom section of the field, to the gate the corner. You will then go straight across the track, to a narrow uphill footpath. This hopefully will not cause too much of a bottle neck, but please be aware. The paths will open out after this.

The main hilly bits are in the first 3kms. At the top of the hill, it gets relatively flat, before descending off the top.

The route crosses several country roads. These will be marshalled, but please take care and look before you cross. Wait for a clear spot to cross. Heavy traffic is not expected - sheep and horses are more likely!

There is a water stop at about 7 ½ km.

On the descent please be aware there is a route option! It will be after about 8 ½ kms. As you come down a path, there will be a sign with arrows pointing right to the ‘Bulls’ option, and left to the ‘Suicide descent’ option.

The Bulls option is slightly longer. The narrow path drops you down onto the Bulls Hill road, then cuts left back onto the wye valley walk. The way is mainly quite a nice gradient and very ‘runnable’.

The Suicide route is the direct option. The paths drops onto the Bulls Hill road, goes up a short section, then down a small path. The path is very rutted and steep. You then have a 2 metre ‘cliff’ climb down a small sandstone outcrop section – wet and slippery - no pushing! This will be clearly signed and taped, but please be very careful.

You can then hurtle down through the woods, trying to avoid the trees.

Canicrossers – It is recommended that you take the Bulls route, as the climb down will be difficult if being pull by a dog.

The recent rain has made the rocky climb down and the muddy steep section very slippery.

Please be aware when the routes re-meet, and try not crash into the runners on the other route. There will be a marshal here, to try and warn you..

When the routes re-join, there will be a short section that retraces the earlier route, dropping down a path, back into the start / finish field. You will turn back into the field and go around the top section, to finish with a muddy downhill sprint!

RETIREMENTS: if you retire you must return to the assembly / finish area and inform the Race Director personally as soon as possible. It is best to follow the route markers to the end, if you want to retire. We have sweeper runners who will follow just behind the last runner – if for some reason cannot continue running simply wait for them.

If you see an injured runner – please stop and help, then inform the next marshal!

And remember to thank the marshals.

All competitors run at their own risk!